S/R: Urbanet Ghana supports stakeholders with PPEs in Central Gonja District

Urbanet Ghana in collaboration with Action Aid, Tree Aid and the European Union were on Tuesday 9th June, 2020 donated some Personal Protective Equipment’s to some selected institutions in the Central Gonja District in the Savannah Region to support them in their fight against the covid-19 which has brought the economies of the world to a halt since the beginning of the year 2020 paralyzing businesses, governments, and also changed the status quo.

Unfortunately the most affected persons include the homeless, aged, widows, persons living with disabilities and other vulnerable populations living in poverty.

Stakeholder institutions which received the items include: The Central Gonja District Assembly, Department of Agriculture, Department of Gender/Social welfare, District Police Command, District Hospital, Association of Persons Living with Disabilities and two CSOs under their project, Northern Ghana Integrated Development Project.

The items includes; Veronica Buckets, Disinfectants, Liquid Soap, and Hand Gloves. The short ceremony was held at the Central Gonja District Assembly Hall in Bupei.

The District Co-ordinating Director, Mr. Baba Abukari receiving the items on behalf of the District Chief Executive in a statement thanked Urbanet and their partners for extending their support to the District Assembly and its departments.

Mr. Baba Abukari

“As we are all aware Covid-19 is one of the serious developmental challenges that the whole world is battling with and Central Gonja for that matter Savannah Region is not an exception, as we stand today the region has recorded our first case two weeks ago. ” the District Co-ordinating said.

He added that one of their biggest challenge faced as a region in their responds towards the Covid-19 situation in the Central Gonja District and the Savannah region as a whole has to do with Personal Protective Equipment’s.

“Only last week we had a meeting at the regional level involving district inter-agency committees to strategize on how to refocus our responds towards the issue of covid-19 and one of the key issues that came out has to do with the gaps that we still have when it comes to the issues with PPEs”. He said.

He also revealed that front line workers in the region are threatening to embark on strike as a result of the inadequate supply of PPEs in the region and added that Urbanet Ghana donations came at the right time and all items will be used to argument the efforts that the Assembly is making to ensure that all people are protected against Covid-19.

He further thanked Urbanet and their partners for choosing the Central Gonja District.

On his part, the Central Gonja District Director of the Ghana Health Service, Mr. Dubik Daniel Dindiok in his statement said that Ghana is not in normal times because of the Covid 19 pandemic and added that the Covid-19 which poses a challenge not only to Central Gonja but the entire globe.

Mr. Dubik Daniel Dindiok

According to him, Covid-19 is a health challenge that everybody especially, health professionals are so worried about.

“It is because as we speak now there is no known treatment for covid-19, there is currently no known way we can adopt to have prevention of covid-19 as in immunization in other words no vaccine for covid-19. This poses a huge challenge for human survival and we know the toll of covid-19 on world population.”. The District Health Director Said.

Mr. Dubik Daniel Dindiok called on the donors and their counterparts to continue to advocate for the support in their various institutions that are into the fight against Covid-19.

He said some of the items received were consumables which need continues supply to support their work.

He went further to add that Covid-19 should not be seen as one institution or one man fight and urged all to involve in the fight against Covid-19.

He extended his gratitude to Urbanet, Action Aid, Tree Aid and the European Union for supporting them with the PPEs to help fight and contain the spread of Covid-19.

The Police Commander for the Central Gonja District, Mr. Kwame Nimo Speaking to Prince Chentiwuni after receiving the items on behalf of the Police Service stated that the donation was timely especially to his front line workers at the Police station, the barriers and his patrol teams who are seen on daily basis engaging with the general public in their line of duty.

Mr. Kwame Nimo

According to him, Covid-19 has affected the activities of almost all institutions across the globe where the Police Service is not an exception.

“Police stations are public place where people go there at any time to lodge complains and they expect actions are taken about the complains they come to make and you can see that our personnel are exposé to people who can easily affect them with covid-19 because you don’t know the condition of the person coming there to make a complain if he/she has covid-19. He caution the public to adhere to all the precaution measures been out line by government and the health professionals in preventing the spread of covid-19. ” the Police Commander said.

When asked about crime rate in the area, Mr.Kwame Nimo said that his outfit has been able to track down criminals in the district leading to the reduction of crime which in most cases are highways robberies, even though, they have witness few cases which are under control by his men on grounds now.

He expressed his gratitude to Urbanet for their kind gesture and called on other civil society organizations to emulate same by supporting the Ghana Police Service with Personal Protective Equipment’s to support them in the fight against Covid-19 across the country.


The Executive Director of Urbanet, Mr. Zakariya Abdul Rashid speaking at the presentation said that their focus is on people living in poverty, vulnerable and workers in the informal sector.

Mr. Zakariya Abdul Rashid

“We wish to stand in solidarity with them in this difficult time. Even though the PPEs are meant for the key stakeholder institutions present, we hope the ultimate beneficiaries will be our target constituents because of the services they receive from the stakeholder institutions”. The Executive Director said.

According to him, through their collaborations and efforts they with some identified groups, two CSOs in Kasawgu and Alipei has since commenced their capacity building.

“This is because of the recognition we have on the crucial role that CSOs and social movements play in the provision of services, especially in rural areas, as well as their power to influence local and national level decisions and policies backed by their constituencies and technical expertise.” He added.

Mr. Zakariya Abdul Rashid revealed that the collaborated departments have identified 95 women, unemployed young people and PLWD in 19 communities to benefit from their agricultural value chain businesses.

These people will receive training and support to establish businesses in four areas including: Shea butter processing, honey extraction, Nurseries, grafting and nutritional gardening and farming as a business.

The goal is to reduce rural poverty through promoting environmentally sustainable agricultural practices thus contributing to a green economy, creating opportunities for income generation within the agricultural value chain development, enhancing access to social protection services and promoting decent work in the agricultural sector.

URBANET leads the project implementation in four districts, thus Central Gonja, Mion, Gushegu and Kpandai

Source: ghfactsonline.com /Prince Chnetiwuni

You Can Contact Us Through :0547688711 /0506666346 /ghanafacts215@gmail.com

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