PDCC Organizes financial independence summit in Tamale

PassionDrive Coaching and Consultancy (PDCC) has organized the 2020 edition of the Financial Independence Summit in Tamale on Saturday, 7th March, 2020.

The financial independence summit which is the first of its kind to be held in northern Ghana was held at the Radach Lodge and Conference centre in Tamale.

The summit was on the theme ” Earn Sustainable Income and Live as a Boss”.

In an exclusive interview with Mohammed Abdul Dahim, the Chief Executive Officer of the PassionDrive Coaching and Consultancy, Mr. Shaibu Pumaya stated that the summit was intended to target people who earn regular income.

According to him, the participants were enlightened to know the status of their regular income which he believes will enable them calculate their net worth.

He is of the view that the summit will empower the participants to invest their net worth into side income jobs.

Mr. Shaibu Pumaya, who worked in the public sector for about 15 years revealed he is now financially independent because, he did legally side income jobs when he was working in the public sector.

The CEO of the PassionDrive Coaching and Consultancy indicated that his outfit will be launching the PassionDrive International School in September, 2020, whilst the PassionDrive Institute will be launched in 2021.

He is optimistic this initiatives will continue to exist to enable people benefit even after his death.

Advising the youth on how to be financially independent, Mr. Shaibu Pumaya called on the youth to spend according to their budget, check their expenditure and invest their expenditure on side income jobs.

Mr. Shaibu Pumaya lamented that Africans have failed miserably because they rely or survive only on their monthly salaries rather than engaging in side income jobs.

He advised the youth to desist from working on feeding and survival as there won’t be any change in one’s life in the near future.

Oh her part, Madam Celestina Agbanyega urged the youth to use their skills in their field of work to other ventures which will not interfere with their work in on order to to set up side income jobs, so that they will become financial independent.

She also advised the youth not to depend on government for employment but initiate employment opportunities for themselves.

According to her, PassionDrive Coaching and Consultancy will be organising programs to change the mindset of Ghanaians and also equip them the needed knowledge and skills to become financial independent.

Speaking about the relevance of the summit, Mr. Nurudeen Ibrahim who participated in the summit admitted that the knowledge gained at the summit will enable them become financial independent and also help them manage their finances.

He believes the summit will help the youth to secure their financial future and attain financial freedom.

PassionDrive is made up of professionally certified personnel and business development coaches.

Source:ghfactsonline.com/Mohammed Abdul Dahim, 123 FM

You Can Contact Us Through :0547688711 /0506666346 /ghanafacts215@gmail.com

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