Dr. Thomas Anabah celebrates 46th birthday with Nazareth Orphanages in Tamale.

The Chief Executive Officer of Habbana Hospital in Tamale, Dr. Thomas Anabah cslebrated his birthday with children at the Nazareth Home of the Orphanage in a community near Yendi in the Northern Region.

He is noted for celebrating his birthday with the less privileged in society almost every year, most especially at the orphanage home.

The CEO of Habana hospital visited the children home on Saturday, 7th March, 2020 g with his family, friends and hospital staff (Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacies, administrators, cleaners and security personnel) to share his past experience with the children and staff of the facility.

He honored inmates of the orphanage and offered them with some delicious meals and drinks of various kinds He spent his lunch time with them.

He donated lots of items such as toilet rolls, bathing soaps, bags of rice, stationery, beverages and among others to the orphanage.

This year’s engagement was extremely different as the asmosphere was charged with excitement ranging from management of the facility and Dr. Thomas Anabah and his entourage having fun as they all danced together in order to show much love and care to inmates of the orphanage.

Dr. Thomas Anabah as a medical doctor used the occasion to admonish management and the children to ensure good health through hand washing, keeping the environment clean and bathing regularly.

He told management and the gathering the precautionary care to various kinds of diseases in other countries and told them to report any case of normalities to the nearest hospital.

He also assured them of his availability and the capacity of his hospital in continuing to extend helping hands to any of them who needs help from the orphanage home yard.

He acknowledged his long standing relationship with the facility and assured them that he will continue to be with them as long as he is on earth.

The management of the facility in their remarks presented a picture with interpretation of his name with each letter representing a meaning.

D – Dynamic
R – Regal

T – trend
H – Honest
O – Opened
M – mined
A – amazing
S – sort

A – Adorable,
N- Noble,
B – Beloved,
A – Ageless.

The management expressed their excitement to him and prayed long life for him, calling the almighty Lord to opened all doors for him and also expressed their feelings for his support to them in all sectors most expecially health.

They called Habana hospital their orphanage care centre because that is where they do report their health cases to and it is normally free for them provided the person is from Nazareth orphanage home.

They thanked the staff of the Habana hospital telling them to continue praying for themseves and their boss, Dr. Thomas Anabah.

A floor was opened for the children in the nazareth home to also gives their remarks, one of the children said they wish Dr. Thomas Anabah could be celebrating his birthday weekly with them which brought laughter from the listening crowd.

One of the children said they do prayed for him to go high and pull them and if for nothing at all they know the more he gets to higher heights the better their chances of getting donations from him. So their prayers is with him as others couldn’t say anything but to be looking at the philanthropist with excitement and dancing behind him as he pleased with them to give him a chance to leave.

He promised to be with them at all times and also extended a called as usual to other benevolents to look back and gives out to society most especially, the vulnerable once.

His last word to them is “Nazareth home of orphanage is actually my home because I share their plight with them” as the children all started saying DADDY , DADDY, DADDY.

6th March is the date for his birthday but he chose to be with the children on 7th March 2020.

The entire staff of ghfactsonline.com also wish Dr. Thomas Anabah a belated happy birthday.

Source:ghfactsonline.com /Suhiyini Yakubu Abdul Mumin

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