The problem with Africa is hypocrisy, not poverty – Sherifa Gunu

Multiple award-winning Ghanaian soul musician, Sherifatu Gunu, has opinionated that Africans are not poor but rather the problem with us is hypocrisy.

In an interview on an Accra based FM station, Sherifatu Gunu explained that her reason for coming out now is to talk about an actual issue with politicians and Africans which she claims is hypocrisy, and the reason for our downfall, which is ‘susupon’.

‘’Everything we do is filled with hypocrisy and everything about Africa is us upon. The message I am sending across is about suspense. If we don’t stand up seriously, the world will end one day and we will leave this earth as failures’’, she exclaimed.

She commented that someone might have enough money that can develop about ten communities but refuse to help others to live as good a life as they are living. The musician advised that the leaders and people of Africa change their mindset on the things they believe are right, but are actually killing people, and to stop doing things only for personal gains or only for their families.

Source: Joy FM

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